It’s simple! I “Purchase” a home or lot with my Buyer-Clients as though I were buying it for myself or a family-member.  I do not “sell” a property solution to you!  My Buyer-Client Satisfaction Guarantee works in your best interest!!!

As a FULLY-INFORMED Buyer you will know everything we can possibly learn about a prospective purchase.  When I purchase a home or lot with you, it's like buying it for myself or a Family member.  I employ the best technology available from many resources to reduce the risks involved with any purchase.

I employ a detailed "Process Flow" method to ensure there are no hiccups along the way nor at closing (over 100 specific elements to check).  I send status requests to Attorneys, Lenders, Insurers. and any others included in the closing process in ten days and five days prior to settlement.  This reduces the risk of not closing on time. Ask me about my smooth and on-time closing record - it is exceptional!

Flood Hazard Zones - know where they are when you work with me!  Let's face it, in our lovely coastal region, flood hazard zones are a common occurrence.  For me, it's not enough to know if you are in or are not in a FHZ - but what's the proximity of the closest one?  YOU need to be FULLY INFORMED so reasonable risk-assessments may be made. Employing multiple resources to evaluate FHZ presence - and the type of zone - is a critical step in the process.

I physically walk the "four-corners" of a property, with machete in hand if necessary, before taking a run at what we think may be "the right one".  I clearly remember hacking my way through heavy underbrush for a client-path.  They were considering the purchase of a Brunswick River, water-front lot, but could not get to the back boundary to check the shore-line nor view - we got there; a little hot and grubby - and made a successful purchase happen! We added a certified new Survey to really minimize risk - and the contract was contingent on the Survey's approval by my Client.

Understanding Law-enforcement "safety-stats" in a given area, and potential safety risks, are important factors for all of my Clients - especially Singles and Families with children.

A home inspection by a highly-trusted, experienced, skilled, and NC Licensed Home Inspector (I recommend several and you can surely use your own) is a crucial risk-reduction step, Visit for more information. Engaging a Home Warranty company for the first 12 months of ownership is a great risk-reducer too.

Title Insurance is a key element of any purchase - required by all Lenders - highly recommended for cash purchases.  Stay safe for years to come!  Check out the resources and definitions at Beacon Title Insurance a great link to tuck away for the future.

Ask me to send you an Initial Meeting Agenda - A GREAT no-obligation way to get started.

"Big Dan" Willard - Buyers ONLY Broker